Friday, February 5, 2010

geniuz test....

weyh, few nites ago, srain, fakhrul n i answered the geniuz test on the internet. so hard, so difficult, so challenging, so brainstorming, so gila babeng punya soalan. but, aroung 1.30am we did answer all of the questions correctly. and we got the title you are a GENIUS!!!!! woohoo.....

the first question pun da mencabar, but i am really proud of myself...because on few questions, we squeeze our brain for about half an hour to find the solution but I did it....i got the answer.....

here is one of the question...
find the excessive words.....lots of formulae we used to find the solution but 30 minutes later,
HAAH.....i know the answer....A&E....because the alphabets are vowels.

and here is the result.....taadaa........

mahal dowh bnda ni....susah nk dapat...

P/S: kitorg start jwb pkul 11.30 mlm


  1. i'm already a genius by default. no needta answer some random quiz on the net. bwek! *bangga diri*

  2. hoho..korng mmg genius la..blh la..huhu ;p

  3. mai, ko mmg geniuz yg suka bngga diri,,,,,hahaha..tapi ko bukan ke ad jawab mensa test tu.....kantoi....

  4. yeah ade mse form4 before masuk mrsm. kne bayar woh nak ambik.

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  6. cuba ko try jawab genius test ni....kat google just type genius test

  7. mnde tu cam sial. it don't measure iq score. tak nak

  8. We're all agree that it doesn't measure ur iq, but it sure measures ur creativity in solvin' d problems...