Friday, February 5, 2010

the lab for bio not biol

first of all, just wanna say that i hate to those yg cakap bio is biol....they are so insane, crazy thinking, got mental disorder or what?


hmm..for the last thursday...that was the 2nd time i did experiment at MICET..pheww....
frankly, i would say that we, the TDP student did the experiments, both of the experiments with an uncontroled emotion....all of the tubes, solutions were everywhere. thanked god the micropipetters got something to be hanged on. the tables were totally mess up. lab manual here and there. the tips of micropipetters that we used i think more than 100.......*confirm*

here are some of the pic on the scene.....but, not the mess things...

these are the colorful solution....

and the 2nd exp. we tried to extract the dna of the onions. the procedures quite details but the time u got the result, when u can see the dna, u;ll grinned from ear to ear. thats for sure. and i am so jealous with aishalala's result....the dna, the double helix is so clear and a lot. but me, adalh sket.....

the onion and the DNA

busy with DNA

the happy


  1. aisyalalala is the best!!!

  2. haiyoo..da lama kot xwat lab bio.nmpk cm best jerk!huhu