Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"guys, FYI, the allowance for us has been received by MICET. u can take those cheque at HEMS"
thanks Marisa for the info. but, when i was there, searching for my name to appear on the namelist of the recipients, i just keep searching till i found nothing.
where's my name? huh? where?
but, my name was clearly stated there at the very beginning of the list. but, i ignored the name because i thought that name was just a sample or whatsoever.
my name there was written not with the others but it was alone there. huh?

listening to the plans of what-to-do-with-this-cheque made me kinda "STOP PLEASE!!!"

okayh, stabilize your unbalanced hormones, got a class to go. yay!!
to release some of my tensions, i let it out by questioning my friends' presentations.
what a very positive way to reduce the tension level. tomorrow, there will be a presentation again but this time will be presented by GO5. so, lets kill them...hahahah......

"fazrul, why u didnt take ur cheque?"