Saturday, March 27, 2010

earth hour

sometimes, before we celebrate the earth hour, there is one thing in my mind that keeps me thinking of the definition of earth hour.

switching off the lights or to turn off all the plugs that flow the current to the electrical appliances?

and for me, my contribution to succeed the earth hour was by turning off few unnecessary lights.
me, of course, will try the best way to save the nature. the nature is the place that is vital to assist the flow of our life.
astro boy, the movie about a robot boy, lives in a metrocity, a place above the surface, the land. maybe, it is the future look of our planet, the Earth. the surface is just a place for us to throw away our garbages, trashes and rubbish.

thats so nonsense. i know that we can, at least, change a bit of wrong deeds that we did to saveour nature and create a condusive medium for our next generation. hour.

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