Monday, March 29, 2010


this is all about material balance. the subject that i think will drive, mould me into a new kind of human mankind. the best one.

so, what MBCIC stands for?? material balance class is cancelled. get it. hahahaaa.....
so, nothing to be commented on that subject anymore coz i just love it.

moving on, to the physical chemistry subject, i mean physical chemistry test. maybe, this is just the beginning of the U-life. i have no idea how the questions will come out. and my expectation, yahh....thats it. thats the way the U will ask their student to answer the SIMPLE questions. maybe im lack of knowledge, and maybe i've no skill n manipulating the data and formulae. but, all of that are craps, nonsense.

i know that i can do it, i can solve the problems but just lack of understanding. i have the idea but just.....argh...nonsense......I CAN DO IT!

btw, i could answer all the Qs within the time limit. so, thats cool.

try harder next time yaw!!