Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a tribute to maisarah kadir

as i promised to myself, i am going to write this entry about maisarah kadir.
for this entry, the whole thing will be all about maisarah. i am mai. the reason why i spend mt little time just for her because she is the only one, the only malaysian, the only girl, the only .....argh...whatever....who confessed to me that she had a dream (not really a dream but more to aim) to get the Nobel Prize.
i am really proud of her. besides me, she's the only person that has the same goal like me, the Nobel Prize.

maybe, this is such a crazy idea having a thought of Noble Prize in my mind at this so early-teen-lets-go-wild age. hahaa.....but, the high goal will bring you, step forward, more mature and think wisely in whatever things we do.

you must have the guts to put, set your aim up high in the sky and there's no need to be afraid. this can be the stepping stone to boost up our credibility and confidence within ourself.

Barrack Obama is the last year recipient of Nobel Prize under Peace category. he contributed a lot of things in peace especially in the democracy of the world. taking a great person that we didnt even know him as a "hero" in our life can be just like a hologram. but taking, a person that's near to you as an example would be such great thing to inspire you unnoticed. one of my lecturer, Dr Azizan said, he was close to that Nobel Prize thing but the other group which are their friends won that Noble Prize as their(Dr Azizan's) experiment ended up to a failure.

so, MAISARAH, lets do this!!!

*lama2 jadi general pulak entry ni*


  1. did i confess to you? nope. i stated? yea.

    but anyway, nobel prize is not really what i want. what i really want is, to turn down a nobel prize. macam jean-paul sartre. cool gila.

    malaysia ada award dia sendiri gak. tak ingat nama die. aim that one first la draco,