Saturday, April 3, 2010

ballpoint pen

what is the meaning of being a cabin attendant for you?

well, that's the question that reminds me of what is the meaning of being a chemical engineer for me soon.
watching "attention please" gave me something, a precious little moment which encourage me to be more focus, concentrate on what i am doing right now. not writing this blog, but exploring the world of engineering. yay.
as the future chemical engineer, i never know what does it mean, the real meaning of being a chemical engineer. what uh? maybe just some extraordinary man playing with some kind of chemicals and machines. but, thats totally not the exact answer for my question.
the scene that make me think deeply into this abnormal question is from one of the character in "attention please". that plane engineer use all of his efforts just to find a ballpoint pen in an aeroplane area. yeah, maybe some people do not think the consequences of a ballpoint pen in an aeroplane but maybe others, this thing can cross on their mind for a very vital future effect. maybe the plane will crash for the malfunction of the engine or inner damages caused by a very tiny little thing, a ballpoint pen.

so, lets think carefully, think wisely, how much will we put ourselves in our work? in our own life for the future life?

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