Thursday, April 8, 2010

down memory lane

its kinda funny when we are in the mood of trying to remember something that we are really trying so hard into that scattered memories. but for me, it's okay. and no pain at all to remember all that, every single pieces of memories.

so, one of my not-so-long-time memory is about maulidur rasul talk and a pakcik.

the drama started like this:
during the maulidur rasul talk, i sat not too far from the stage. and behind me, there were two men. and im not so sure whether the were too old or mid-aged men. i never let my head turned around to check my suspects' identity. they were there until the talk finished around 11++pm.

so, starting from the beginning of the talk until the very last minute of the talk, they chit-chatted and talked nonsense although I(a young boy, future generation) was there. let me summarized their point, but i think only one old man talked too much.

1)old days and nowadays.
-they said, the behaviour of the youngsters nowadays are so over the limit. the children during old time used to run away when their parents brought parang to taught them but now, even the youngsters themselves have the gut to hold the parang and scares their parents.
my view: huh?

2)democracy-no need ahh..
-during the ADUN gave a speech, these old men said: ahh..there is no need to have this ADUN and sort things like that to move our country forward. during old days, the kings(sultan) itself and the hulubalang joined the people to do activities.
my view: if there is no ADUN, then do u really think our country will be so modern like this? no democracy means u're not follow the government's rule. then, dont live here in Malaysia.

3)LCD projector
-they said: they should put the LCD projector at the side of the stage. not at the back of the speaker. and now, the speaker will have to turn around to see the slides.
my view: pakcik, right in front of that speaker, there, a LAPTOP. no need to turn around to see the slides meyh. haish.

okayh, maybe thats all what i could remember from the whole nite. so, pakcik, dont be so talkative during a talk la.....just listen and take the moral values for our own good eh....

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