Friday, May 14, 2010

E! News Asia

what a surprise!! when i watched giulianna and bill on E! channel, there was a part where they went to Hong Kong for the launch of E! News Asia. in this asian E! News, marion caunter and dominic lau take the chance offered by ryan seacrest as the very first E! News Asia hosts.
i bet they will enamor a lot of viewers from all parts of asia. yeah, they are well-known more or less at least to the asian as dom hosts the v countdowm and marion was a former host for mtv channel. during an interview with the malaysian artists during the AIM, i'm kinda have this electric shock struck right on my head. adey. why this siti nurhaliza still having difficulties in answering media. esp, in english. lots of argh....apa dia..argh...
but yuna, u are the great. u answered fluently all th questions pointed on you.

welcome E! News Asia.

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