Saturday, May 8, 2010

the hard life as a U student

it has been such a long time since i left my blog dusty all over the places, with the spider webs covered all the headings and cockroaches looked for some foods everywhere.


if u can imagine how hard the life as a U student, then, u better leave now...haha.
a couple of weeks spending my whole precious little time with books, chit chatting based on the syllabus provided, had a quarrel over such a academic thingy, so annoying. but then, all that was unvalued future. just to get back on track after losing the path where i should follow from the beginning, i kept all my attention on academic. even though i still had a depression sometime but it doesn't matter as long as i channeled it to the right place. oh yeah.

with the score that i admit, it does look not that high, and this is my first attempt as a U student, to score overall 75, i am strongly believed that i can do it.
with the night always said hello to me at 3 and the sun waked me up at 6++, i always tried to be stronger than before. cheer!! yeah!!
for a leisure, hit the shuttlecock with all my heart and working out at the gym. it will refresh your day with some energetic spirit.

be strong!

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