Thursday, May 13, 2010


my friend, my long lost friend at i don't know where he is right now but somewhere involving with the study of plane and flying machine, he took th IELTS test already. just imagine how was it, huh? and mine, my IELTS test would be on July and im so queasy. the fee for the first IELTS test is sponsored by the MARA itself as we're the receivers of their scholarship. but, if we fail and trying to retake the test, the fee would be not as high as my specs cost but it does cost a lot. frankly speaking, i'm not good in speaking but argh,,,i must face it. try to improve in this holiday. but at home, there's no one that i can practice my English, my fluency with.

okayh.. all the best and i really really need to ask him how was it? was it fun? depressing? or what?

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