Saturday, May 8, 2010

see ya semester 1

the last day at micet, my very first university, didn't give any feeling of oh yeah...."the grand finale is here". no.
kinda blurred at the very first question of the killing biology paper, revived by the some words whispered by no one.."not that hard as u think"..and keep writing until the last minute. thanks bio for not sent me to ****. that evening, after the physics presentation, i packed my things and left my not-so-beloved room.
having a sunbathing while waited for the MARA Liner to come really really showered me with this salty water everywhere. i perspired a lot. like just had my clothes from laundry and just put it on. hell no. a tiring last day made me fall asleep from the bus packed with so strange-fashion-of-weirdo-teens to the whistling voice of the driver. only few left when i awake and oh, malacca already.

grab and paid for some breads, ordered a big-mac meal and rushing to the Orchid, bored. i had to wait for at least 3 hours before i safely arrived at my beloved hometown.
tata, then.

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