Thursday, May 13, 2010

stop with your so-relax-sleep-all-the-time timetable

since yesterday, i'v been working really hard to make sure i'm stay awake after subuh prayer. maybe for some people, it's normal for them to never let their eyes shut again. but for me, it's difficult after such a very long time waking up in the morning with no parents to do that. all by myself or by my friends. even though i had no difficulties to stay awake at university but it is in contrast here, at my home.
so, my vision almost reaches its goal. then, i'll have to rearrange my time. divided into several maybe which consist of educational division, entertainment and break.
why i don't consider break and entertainment as one branch?
and i'm really proud of myself because i turned to channel 511 and watched Build It Bigger. knowledgeable, informative and had vision.


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