Thursday, June 24, 2010


it was something that we called as hidden talent~

mum and dad went to KL for the job interview and
"wake up early and finish painting the gates....and...."
it was 10 in the morning and my bro was still there...lying unconscious on the bed. i turned on the tv and hoping for [V] channel to be on 714 again..maybe it has been terminated from the astro list..
today, i was like huh, kinda hardworking. cleaned the house, played with the hamster..6 of them, cooked the rice and in the evening i cooked spaghetti for dina and adzeem and of course for me. good huh. and then, at night i cooked 'telur goreng masak kicap dgn ayam', 'ikan cencaru bakar' and 'telur ikan cencaru masak kicap'...all by myself.
~~~say big NO to starving!!!

menghabiskan ayat2 dengan pelik aku rasa

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