Tuesday, July 13, 2010

platypus do sweats milk.

watching phineas and ferb is kinda good and benefits us.
today's new post: platypus do sweats milk is one of the scene in that cartoon.
i thought it just a funny joke from them but see....
i copied these from yahoo...!!

Weeellll, yes and no. Platypuses don't have nipples but they DO excrete milk through specialized milk glands located on their belly. These glands are simply modified sweat glands. So...do they sweat milk? If you mean do they pass milk through glands that are very similar to sweat glands, then yes. If you mean do they give off milk through ALL of their sweat glands, then no, they do not.

Well, kind of yes in an odd way. It isn't sweating as in "to cool down" but rather sweating as in a very strange way of producing milk for their young.

Mammary glands in mammals are really just heavily modified sweat glands. In the more primitive animals like the platypus (monotremes), there are mammary glands, but not actually any teats. When the female lactates, the milk is excreted through pores in her skin, which collect in folds in her skin designed to contain the milk. The baby platypuses locate these grooves and lick the milk out, as opposed to the normal mammalian sucking of mother's milk.



Male platypus(s) are the only poinsinous ones, so no, you wouldm't have to worry about getting poisoned.

The problem is that the platypus, being one of the most ancient mammals, does not have nipples and so feeds its young by secreting milk out of sweat type glands, where the youngsters lick it off the fur. So milking it would be bothersome. Also, they're only small and obviously wouldn't yield much.

So yeah, you probably could drink its milk, but why would you want to?

Yes and no.

In monotremes, which includes the platypus, there are mammary glands but no teats. When producing the milk, the mother excretes milk out of pores in the skin and the young platypuses lick the milk off the abdomen. The mother has grooves specifically designed to keep milk that is excreted out.

These glands from which the milk is secreted are modified sweat glands on the platypus's abdomen. In all mammals, the mammary glands are really little more than modified sweat glands, but it's the the absence of nipples which is more obvious in platypuses.

Interestingly, the male platypus's venom gland is also a modified sweat gland.

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