Sunday, October 31, 2010

the little doggies.

for Muslims, we must say no to lots of things and one of them is:
say no if you want to have dog as your pet.

in front of my house, there are 2 dogs that always run here and there, looking for something near the flower pots and sleeping under the cars. these two dogs were fierce, fierce enough to make me scream arghhh while heading to my door gate on a bicycle from a night programme at SK batu 3. that was 7 years ago. and the next day i had such a trauma and skipped the school.

but now, i had no more fear as the dogs lose their fierceness maybe due to their age and my mom's voice, louder than theirs. this one hairy-cute-like-lion-brown dog is a mom to another one. the other is black and has less fur. now, everytime i pushed the gate or started my car, they will run away and hide nearby. they kind of scared to, i dont know.

besides those 2 dogs that always play around in front of my house, there is another dog that is kept as pet and a guardian to the house next door. this one is good at barking and chasing away intruders and it will come to me when i said...LUCKY....that's his name.

these are their species...but not them.
they are some kind like these one.
i cant find another type of another one dog.

i never touch them. never. and i won't.

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