Monday, October 4, 2010

time passed by

it has been so long since the last time i type words for this blog.
here: im gonna list every moments that i can still remember between the gap time of the past till now.
ramadhan: almost everyday-lah we went to bazaar ramadhan.hehe
syawal: masing2 bawak kuih raya.
ielts: huh, another 0.5 and RM570
maths: lecturer mengamuk
lip lap raya: happy-go-lucky
and today: im gonna perform for the 'jamuan raya staf'....

list of future:
2. final
3. fly
4. etc

3 listed item above are the most important thing right now.
besides, ada lagi satu..MC for the visit from UQ, Prof Paul Lant....and Dinner TDP

and, bye.SALAM.

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