Tuesday, November 30, 2010


hey guys, here, i got a story to tell to u guys.
before we fly to our respected university, we need to participate in the BTN. kem birotatanegara.

and the result after stalking into people's wall in fb, i found out that i'll be in the sepang camp, im not sure where but i think tanjung rhu right, huh?

im not so into this kind of camp because from my experiences involved in camp was such a, u know, boring. listened to the talks and whatsoever. plkn is the worst camp ever. so childish in the LDK part. freak uh.
but, this BTN is a camp to encourage people to love the country, Malaysia. i did search the activities there, chat with friends who had been there and i found out, maybe i will still be alive after 5 days struggling in there. i hope so.

p/s: alah...BTN je...