Thursday, November 25, 2010

challenging world is waiting. u've to be independent. no more spoon-feeding.

this is a phrase that the teachers always said before their students leave the school like forever.

at some point, i keep thinking and asking for a reality.
after the teacher let say during form 5 said that phrase, and i jumped to the college for my foundation, i felt the same. the same environment like yesterday.(yesterday referred to the MRSM day). everything is spoon-feed to me. just the same.
and the lecturers always said that im not spoon-feeding you but the irony is the result. im not so sure if what they are doing is spoon-feeding or just my thought but it does look like spoon-feeding. just the same way like the old days.

then, before i leaved the college for the university, the lecturers there always reminded us with that phrase again. and when i enrolled myself in few subjects to get the credits, i got the same view. they are all the same. spoon-feeding us. they always said that we've to independent. lecturers just giving us a few and we need to find the others. but, hello. no difference at all. the only exception to biology subject. ooppsss, let me specified it to microbiology. this is the only thing that i think no spoon-feed at all. the lecturers, dr azizan and dr ruzainah did give us few points and i searched for the extra. for the result, i got B for my biology. the highest in the class. hehe. it was worth work doing. let me tell u again, microbiology is the only subject. others, still spoon-feeding.

and, before i further my study in UQ, they keep reminding us that we've to be independent and search for extra. the overseas lecturers are different. we are free to come to class or not. the attendance is not compulsory. it is hard to find the lecturers. the tutorial class is blink-blink. all the decision is yours. make it on your own. and let see whether they are spoon-feeding us or not.

*this entry looks so serious AND long*

btw, i think im not ready for the real world.

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