Thursday, November 25, 2010 that all what i'm thinking right now?


it is absolutely true...
the title of this entry...
absolutely true...

my current obsession is money. for others maybe they are obsessed with freckles, cropped tee and bla bla bla..
hypnotized by money isn't the serious matter for me because i can handle them wisely. not like other people who are outta control when surrounded with money.

the real problem here is they way u guys thinking about me and my money.
let me be clear with my current obsession. money came to my thought right now because just now, i checked my nuffnang and my latest earning is rm4.90(i dont really care actually bout the nuffnang) and when i checked my money in the bank...fuhh...still have 2k in my hand babeyh..

contradict to certain people who managed to burn like seriously 500 and maybe more++ in just a machine handled by a cashier. so crazy. i'll never do that. because, in my life, i'd love to compare few things before choose the right one.
as for now, my work for money(i got my salary as i study) FOC, so then, i must handle my money wisely. during this holiday months , i still got few things to buy and i'm still considering them. do i really need them? maybe yes and maybe no. so, lets wait.

btw, did MARA already pay our salary for this December?
im not so sure...
are they going to pay or not?

see, i still thinking about money..
and i promise to live in the very best way.

p/s: the 2k is not the only money left. haha. i still got some private savings.


  1. erkk.. what is nuffnang for actually??

  2. my nuffnang money is already rm24.50!!!! hehehe.

    hey, i know that cropped tee word was meant for me. siot!!!!