Monday, December 13, 2010

biro tata negara day 1

as promised, im gonna write my history to ensure that i'll never forget it.
it's about btn.

when we arrived at pasir salak resort for our btn, it seemed so wow. the pool, the chalet, the hot water, the air-cond and everything. the view of btn seemed like OK.
after the registration at 2.30pm, i asked for permission from khairie to use his car to buy something at pasir salak. ali, fakhrul, srain and i went to pasir salak "city" and bought some maggi cup, yogurt, and etc. just in case we starve during the camp.

eh, there the bus station.

and it seemed like we were in zombieland trying to find rescue. no bus at all. dead. how are we going to go back this friday?

lets fast forward to the night activity. i've been choosen as the MC for the first night. it was not a big deal to conduct such event. i had conducted more than 20 events as far as i could remember.
and, the talk was about 'tanah air'.

and, as the talk started at the very first minute, my mind-set turned on the boring mode till the end.

end of day 1.

sila baca sampai day 5

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