Monday, December 13, 2010

biro tata negara day 2

to open my eyes at 5 is impossible.

but, 5.30 on the second day of btn was quite impressive for me.
after took my shower, i went to the surau for subuh prayer. after that, the tazkirah session conducted by one of the faci. sometimes, i could see the 'gatal miang' look in his face.

and this was one example of his freaky mind said:
"ada satu sekolah tu, student perempuan dia tak pakai baju dalam, eh, tak sopan la plak, diorang tak pakai bra. baru sopan skit"

ya Allah!!
but, im not so sure whether he said that on which day of tazkirah subuh.
at 7, we were asked to gather at the field to assemble.

and now, on the second talk, sakinah was the MC. and the talk was still boring. it was about rakyat.
only certain part attracted my mind. well, the third talk and fourth talk were the same. boring. even though sometimes i laughed, bit i still had time to play bingo with fiezul.

the fourth talk was quite interesting because the faci shared his experiences about how he met tun mahathir, my idol. the politics and everything.

at night, we were divided into 7 different groups. and we were asked to create a group's name based on the malaysian warrior.
my group chosed dato' maharajalela.

and one thing that put the flame of hatred in my heart was when the facis tried to make jokes for themsleves while fooled us with their stupid questions. like rubbish.
and one of my frieand said..LAWAK ORANG TUA!

end of day 2

sila baca sampai day 5

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