Tuesday, December 14, 2010

biro tata negara day 3

day 3 started with the ice breaking session among the group member. and we were introduced to 2 facis that counducted my group. abang din and abang mat. earlier night before, abang mat acted like, wow, so annoying. and we knew that they pretended to be like that to make alive the mood of btn. yahh, btn will be meningless to the participants if the dont act like that. but, all your tricks are busted already.

during LDK 3, we were asked to interpret a picture of 1511, history of malacca.
the attitude of old days people that brought the well-known malacca to the feet of colonialist.
and he said, the history will be repeated every 500 years. next year is the next 500th years. by considering all perspectives, the attitudes of nowadays people in malaysia, maybe, the history will be repeated. again. but, we, as the citizen of malaysia must protect our country in whatever ways that we had to keep the sovereignty of our country. we must say NO to colonization.

yeah, the spirit. that's what we need. MALAYSIAN.

LDK 4 session was quite interesting because i could scream out loud to the public. so cool huh.
for the radio rosak part, they chosed me as the rep of the team. and please, try to pass this words to 10 people in a row and ask the last person to repeat it:
or the other manipulated way to say this;
and the meaning would be like this:


at 5, we played with the dice.
and my team lose so terribly.
and as conclusion, the game showed us that when we get like maybe prizes..erm..a million maybe. we were tried to keep it and spent it in our own. but, did we at least try to share it with others? maybe, no. but, maybe a little,right?
that's what do we called life. always like that.

and at night, i couldnt remember what we did.

so, the progress of btn, the mission had started a bit in trying to nurturing the nasionalisme in me.

well done, BTN.

end of day 3.

sila baca sampai day 5

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