Wednesday, December 22, 2010

biro tata negara day 4

after what a very long rest talking about btn, and now im back.
and it seems to be a little bored but i'll try to cheer up the gloomy feeling. ah. i dont know.
day 4 started like all the other days before. and at 8.15 in the morning, we had this adventure named 'kembara perlembagaan'. i was so tired to go here and there and then sit still and listened to all the facts that we dont even know. the facts that consist in the perlembagaan book. the 12 ringgit book. but, at some point, the adventure seemed to be interesting.

i got a lot of knowledges and facts about the rules and regulations of a country.
ldk 8, we had to present what we had collected. and this so-called ready team, my team was striked by a lightning. taadaa. very hyperbola. what a question huh? some of the other teams hd this kind of trouble too. they were asked with a really hard question. and manipulated questions and sometimes i felt annoyed.

that was what happened that evening.

well, if the girl had the chance to conquer the pool while we play the dice and now, our turn.
so awesome. we played water polo and my head started to ding-dong.

at night, in groups, we were given few things and were asked to create something that is so valuable to us. something that we can be proud of. and of course the jalur gemilang. our national flag. we did it as a group. a really big group. and the facis were trying to disturb us by stole few things and wet the flag. but, we as a united group under the name of MALAYSIA were trying the best to protect our flag. so terrific the situation at that night. so dramatic.

and lastly, we did it. and they abused us with lots of harsh words but WOI, SHUT UP LA!!
ignorance was the best thing at that time. and we survived that night with happiness.
btn was a wonderful way to nurture nationalisme.

esok da nk balik.

end of day 4

sila baca sampai day 5

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