Wednesday, December 1, 2010


this december looks full of things to me...but in reality, none.
just few things to do with friends, with MARA and with relatives all that.

tomorrow, im gonna go for a movie with syafiqah. just us i think.

mom: ngan permpuan mana la tu.

dina: syafiqah. kat polis tu.

mom: herm...dh pandai dating eh...dgn sape lagi

me: hehe...2 org je...

mom: ehh...bawak anak dara org...

me: esok naek waja eh..kancil suruh akak bawak...

dina: heh,...nk yg besar je...g dating...yg kecik2 je kancil tu...

me: susah la manual...

*lastly, i've to give up the waja for kancil. woo.*
so, my plan for tomorrow, i hope will run smoothly. bukan dating ah.

besides that, there are many things to do like taking pixs for the uncle's wedding...haha
we have so small difference in age la...just like a bro to me.
then while i drove back after dropped dina for her spm at stk, i read this flyer and kinda interested in events that will be held at kluang mall. 8tv will be coming over for some shows and lots of things. NTV7 will join the show too. maybe, i'll drop by there but i need to go to jb for cousin's wedding. it's ok.

btw, im not so sure how will i get home after finishing the btn. maybe i'll just take a train to jb central and ask for my sis to pick me up there. woo. and maybe i can stop at singapore. then, i can spend my holiday there. haha. what a brilliant idea.

another thing to take note is about the date of briefing session before fly. the date, yah...need to be confirmed accurately. i really hope to join my mom and my lil sis spend their january holiday at sabah. but, all these stuff bout the briefing session are really pissed me off. i wish to go to sabah again for my holiday this january. but, let see...

oh, too long ah this entry, see ya.

hope everything will turn out fine.

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