Friday, December 3, 2010

main hujan.

the title doesn't match the story, for real.
just to let me being in an imagination of childish memory.
as all know, today is friday. and i went to friday prayer as usual. walking. driving is so not recommended during this peak hour. at 1.30, i heard some noise, even louder than the rotating blades of the fans, ouh, it's raining.

after i finishedd the friday prayer, the rain was still pouring heavily. i didn't really care about the pouring rains and i let myself wet in that noon. firstly, i still walked slowly, getting faster a little bit and slow again. but, i watched people ran so fast all around me. and i could see the rain dropped on me from the back. and sometimes i felt i was surrounded by something that covered me. i didnt feel the smashes of the pouring rains.

then, i made my move faster and ran. wooh. main hujan. and safely arrived at my home sweet home.

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