Saturday, December 18, 2010


these are some points that i focus more than the others.
everyone well at least has something to be done in their wishlist an so do i.
if the doctor hopes for a hospital, a veterinar hopes for an institute. then, i have my own wishlist. something to be cared about.

1. fly to UQ. this is so important meh.
2. jungle trekking maybe in GL. i really really hope so.
3. having an awesome opening to this upcoming new year in danga bay or maybe somewhere around there.
4. buy myself new pair of jeans
5. and spend more on mix and match. kinda had a crush on this thing.
6. looking for a perfect-package sweetheart. haha. anyone?
7. print out few pixs from my fb albums and taped them on my wall, my real wall.

yeah, maybe seven is good enough. my wishlist is for short-term period only and will be more and more after this. i dont wanna have something that is so imaginary. no realistic.


1 comment:

  1. looking for a perfect-package sweetheart. haha. anyone?

    don't you think that is sooo not realistic? nobody is perfect duh =.="