Monday, January 17, 2011

31 and big.

today, i went to kluang mall just to find something for the pre departure programme.

and, i went to pacific and the discount was up to 80% yaw..i was like ...walked slowly in the evening wind in the summer...*wow, so metaphor*

walaupun, harga baju, sluar and smua bnda jatuh ke tahap yg rendah giler *bg aku*, aku taklah rambang mata, i only searched the most important thing that i really need. so, i looked around i really wanted white jeans but i only found cream coloured jeans.

bila aku ingat2 balik, ouh 29 mmg dah tak muat. 30 lah. haha. what the heck. ketat giler kat pinggang. yess. i'm getting bigger. alhamdulillah. so, i picked 31.

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