Wednesday, January 26, 2011


maybe, i dont show to others about how i feel because i dont really express my feeling. and it doesnt mean i'm cool, okay or any other positive attitude.

ok, thats the intro. and it means nothing.

proceed meh.
aku taktaw pun ap nk beli before ak fly nih and maybe smua da cukup. ouh, mungkin tidak. and for sure, memang lah tidak lagi. semahu-mahunya adalah fly dengan rasa free. bukanlah free daripada kongkongan or whatsoever. tapi minda yang free and ready for the whole new challenges, obstacles, difficulties living away from family for years.

thanx to aisyah for the list because i really dont know what to do and what to buy before the departure. i think into critical level but i'm simple. ouh, entahlah apa nk tulis lagi. just wanna fill my free time before dawn. and ekspedisi ke gunung lambak maybe terbantut lagi because the rain pours heavily.


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