Monday, January 31, 2011

my 2 minutes till midnight survey

Starting time : 1133 malam
Name : sexy
Brother(s) : i got 2. love them!
Eye's colour : hitam. seriously. ad org kata, eh mata kau warna hitam la. unik. ceyt.
Shoe's size : 9-10. ad org kata saiz 8 dewasa. so, aku nih?
Hair : hitam. matching ngan baju2 aku. but janggut aku colour perang. seriously. i swear with the name of ALLAH. ada perang!
Piercing : tidaklah. mana ada.
What are you wearing right now? : tight shirt and loose pants.
Where do you live now? : wavy kluang.
Favorite number : 26
Favorite drink : kiwi blended, pink guava tersgtlah nk muntah bila minum, yucks!
Favorite breakfast : whatever on the table. hantam je.
Broken a bone : yah....great that u ask...greatly to say no.
Been in a police car : i wish to..
Fallen for a friend : kinda easily to have a crush on someone.
Fallen for a guy in a short period of time : are u kidding me?
Swam in the ocean : snorkelling yes. swam, NO. someone teach me how to swim.
Fallen asleep in school : almost. but, kena jaga la reputation kan.
Broken someone's heart : not so sure, because ada yang i just let her go without giving her words for our end of relationship.
Cried when someone died : agak susah. and hairan. even, when my brother left me.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : never. agak foolish. sleep lebih baik.
Saved e-mails : thousands. and agak menyusahkan bila nk delete.
Been cheated on : tak.

What your room like? : calm. with all the stars everytime i went to sleep. jgn macam "wow, aku kat universe"
What is right besides you? : phone and headphones.
What is the last thing you ate? : nasi. dinner.

Who did you last yell at? : semua pemandu kat jalan raya tadi. haha. best giler 110 when the rain was like cats and dogs tadi.
Who was the last person you dance with? : if i said, Miley?
Who last made you smile? : kiah pekasam! RCW

Final questions...
What are you listening right now? : the buzzing of the cooling fan.
What did you do today? : medical check up. lawat nenek kat hospital sultanah aminah *kena gnti mak yg kat sabah, 2 mggu lg balik*
Are you the oldest : nope. thanx.
Indoors or outdoors? : outdoors, yeah baby!

Today you did...
Talk to someone you like? : for sure. im not bisu la weyh.
Kiss anyone? : yes. a girl for sure. seriously!
Sing? : yeah, all the way masa drive in 50km/j. hujan giler x nmpak jalan. 3 meter je. so, nak relax, nyanyi2.
Talk to an EX? : who?
Miss anyone? : nope.
Eat? : yes la. after puasa utk medical check up tu, aku terus terasa nak pekena Burger King before balik Kluang!

Last person who...
You talked to on phone : Nana Villa Sanchez
Made you cry : ntah. kau la.
You went the mall with : dina. artis tu.
Who cheered up you : no one la kot. entah. merepek la soalan ni.

Have you...
Been to Mexico? : yes. x sangka gila dekat ngan Haiti, Peru and Jamaica.
Been to USA? : yes.

Have a crush on someone? : always.
What book are you reading right now? : Tak Bisa Memilihmu
Best feeling in the world : Shut Up
Future kids name : nak letak fazrul gak ar for boys.
Do you sleep with with a stuffed animal? : no. freak giler.
What is under your bed? : tonnes of things.
Favourite sport (s) : badminton. apa da chong wei kalah ngan lin dan lagi.
Favorite place (s) : my own room.
Who do you really hate? : please stop asking me weird question.
Do you have a job? : currently, yes.

What time is it now? : 2 minutes till midnight!


  1. Fallen for a friend : kinda easily to have a crush on someone.

    hoi jangan ade crush kat aku taw. HAHAHAHA XD *tetibe*