Saturday, January 29, 2011

my sister's keeper

i switched between channels on the astro, on the provided channels and my sister's keeper on hbo. i will watch this movie. yes. a must.

a story about how a leukemia patient, Kate has to move on with her life. chemo, dialysis, transplant. and about, Anna, who is a child produced for the purpose of medical and to save her sister, Kate.

and some people know when she is going to die. and Kate knows that she is dying. and she doesnt need any transplant from Anna anymore. she has to stop it. but, her mom still wants her to live. she forces Anna to stand for her right to be free from the medical reason that her mother did to her. and the real reason is to let her sister die. As this is what Kate wishes to. to stop receiving any organs from Anna.

The real story is exposed at the court as Jesse, Anna's brother cannot stand it anymore. He asks Anna to reveal the true story. And their mother has to accept it even it is hard to believe.

a really great story. this is my first time to watch it on tv. i always saw the book at popular, mph. but, never had the feeling to buy it. and now, still, im not going to buy it. haha.

i salute jodi picoult.

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  1. baca buku tuh! cecelia ahern.
    btw, hr tuh aku tgk cite neh kt hbo ngn fizul, 2 2 berair. tapi aku jd tasik lah. sedih kot. >.<