Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The meaning that i should know, by now.

Four years ago, he was a leader of a group of educated people. One of the elite leaders in his school. There were lots of cases of discipline reported almost daily and only certain people knew the exact story. Like any other leaders, he used his power in a good manner in organizing student's activities and programmes. And because of the school's pride was in the critical situation, all the leaders of the elite school came together in this one calm evening and started a meeting. They discussed from the main topic to the subs. In each cases discussed, they tried to make a conclusion to get the main reason why they behaved like that. Back to the root of a person, of course, the religion. The main aspect that lead us towards bad or good future.

Some of us might disagree with the religion as the main aspect. This will be heard from the mouth of atheis.

Back to the leader's story. The leader of the leaders said, the main reason is..many people didn't know the meaning of the al.fatihah. The meaning of the arabic words written on the first surah in holy qoran. For him, he was confused with the words from his leader, his boss. What is the relation between the meaning and the discipline. His boss said, one of the verse said,
Our Sustainer Lord Ar'Reh'maan! You guide us upon the Path that keeps heading safely and straight to the destination of peace and tranquility.
That was the only meaning that he knew until now. The verse that he could remember clearly. The other part, he needs more time to explore it. But why?

His leader said, 'we have a lot of free time. We can spent 2 hours on games but why do we have no time to check the meaning of al.fatihah?' he realized that he had to changed. Beyond his reality, he kept saying to his own dark, hard heart, 'what are you doing? Why did you become like this? You wasted your sixteen years for nonsense, and you still didn't know tne meaning? Wake up' He kept saying that.

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