Wednesday, April 6, 2011


walaupun hati ini berat untuk pergi sejauh 600km dari brisbane, tapi, lantak lah.
kena pergi jugak.

orang kata jalan-jalan la kat australia tu. well, and now, esok pagi2 lagi, we will have the 7 hours journey to gladstone.
i dont know how to describe gladstone because i have no idea about the place. but, maybe i can say "kilang-kilang ouh".

yah, it's not a fun trip which we can hooyeah hooyeah, but, we need to make a report on energy balance from this trip.
itulah namanya pembelajaran, kan?
but, in this "educational" trip, our actual visit is one day only. friday from 8am till 5pm, i guess.

there will be CHEE2001 BBQ and im not sure whether i can eat the food or not. but, enjoy the night is good enough.
yang paling tak bole blah, the name of the event. CHEE2001 BBQ. sooooo, ilmiah!

btw, cant wait for the greatest moment in my first week of april.

hello April, saya sangat suka bila xde lgsg orang buat April Fool. yay!

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