Friday, April 8, 2011

kisah lost and finding way back home, i love adventure.

Dear son n daughter,
Ini cerita masa muda papa.

After had a great visit to the 3 famous companies in Australia, i was so exhausted.
And to refresh the day, i made up my mind to have a walk at the beach. And today, it was the different path. Not as usual.

Penat pulak bt ayat english, ouh.

Saja jln2 and then, woow, i was like, is this place exist in this world? Amazing and wow, fantastic. Nice view of the beach from that park. My idea to have a beachwalk tergendala by the anjing2 yg sgt cute running to me. And i was like, please dont come to me. And i turned around and went back to the park. Then, i chose another road which led me to the boyne river. Wowooo...creepy giler. The place was like being haunted by something. I almost gave up with the walk but before i turned back, i had this kind of feeling. *be brave dude, even this place is like creepy giler, surrounded by mangrove, jungle sumer kat tepi2, and just one metre wide road, dont u ever give up. Mesti ada good ending punya even xtaw when will the road end.*

And yeah, i met a jogger and i asked him, what is at the end of this road. And he said, this road will diverge at the end. To the left is the bridge and to the right is the beach. Gosh, nasib baik. I continued my evening walk by taking off my slippers and jogged along that road. Wussshhh, where is the end of this road? Eventhough i know the beach is just nearby because i could hear the tidal wave's sound, but i still didnt know when will this road end. From what i saw before i entered this path, there is a botanic walk which maybe the tracks that i saw near the mangroves. I took that path, and all that spider's web attached to my body, sticks, long grass, and the sound of the crickets. Seriously, i gave up at that time but i saw CHEESE TREE/PLANT. Awesome.

walaupun papa give up utk walk through the botanic walk, but i still wanted to find the end of that road. yeah. keep moving on. and finally, i reached the diverged road. well, there, i could see that the bridge is 980m to the left and the beach is 120m to the right. FINALLY. and, in front of me, ada a couple with their two dogs. besar. im not so afraid of dogs but when im alone and being in that mangrove areas, sgt creepy. but fun. *ouh, mungkin ada orang akan kata aku pelik*

yeah, i made it. berjaya sampai ke pantai. dan waaa.....nice view. subhanallah.
and i didnt really mind with me holding no camera to capture the most beautiful view, ever.
rasa sangat tak kesah. sebab, i can feel it, by myself. it;s not that i dont want to share the moment or what, but...yeah, sgh hebat.

i enjoyed being there.

lalu atas air, best. the seawater is between two parts of sand. so, i walked from one end to the other. best. best. best. and anjing, banyak giler. and kadang2 macam tak kesah. jalan je la. sometimes, i ran and jogged and walked.

beautiful moments:
1. anjing kecik kejar2 dengan anjing besar. cute.
2. around 6 of family members took pictures maybe for memories. with dslr.
3. a couple hugged each other, and their son played with the sand. happy family.
4. a dude studied kat taman atas curam tu. *that hill is that park area that i mentioned before this*
5. ada satu anjing ni try to find stick yg tuan dia baling, and dia tak jumpa, and dia cuba nak tipu by took another stick. haha.
6. people played the kite or something, glider maybe.
7. there was a boy sat at the rocks and watched the beach.

so many moments and i enjoyed watched them. MEMORIES.

and ketika i walked along that beach tried to find my way back to the motel, dah terlepas la pulak pintu masuk to the motel. tak perasan. and i was about 1km away from that entrance dah. sangat jauh. gila. tapi best. i ran with my skinny jeans and long-sleeves blue shirts carik mana pintu tu. ouh. kelakar. haha. lari2 lagi. haha.

sangat enjoy walaupun penat.

and waktu dah nak sampai gate motel, i heard something macam bunyi babi. so i turned back and konon2 heading to the beach. pusing belakang balik, bunyi makin kuat, and woo, bunyi anjing tu macam bunyi babi. penat sangat kot. dah la anjing tu besar. haha. then, selamatlah fazrul ikraam bin mohd faudzi ke motel-nya semula.

mak, ayah, ikraam selamat taw!
missing you guys so much.

~superfun, and terus called pija menceritakan kisah LOST itu~

*sgt jealous bila taw pija jumpa kanggaru liar*

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