Thursday, April 7, 2011

officially from gladstone, windy yeah.

Greetings from gladstone.

Dingin malam mmg bunuh sel panas dlm tulang. Seriously, sejuk ouh.
During the journey, i was like, mana kanggaroo, mana kanggaroo *betul ke eja kangaroo?*

Then, end up nak muntah je tgk luar cermin. Haha.
Slept in the bus was like killing my neck. Sakit!!!!!!! Then, finally, stopped at i dont pekan mna ntah, grab something for lunch. Fish burger.
There was something red yg looked like pork meat tapi, ah, makan je la. They said sayur tu. Tapi, amik tisu and i put it away..thank god, waktu bbq, that thing was served again and i knew itu bukan babi la.

The visit is tomorrow and thursday night ni, BBQ time la kan. And again, syukur Alhamdulillah, steak bole makan.....yummy.

Ouh, angin sejuk gilak. 9.35pm.

Petang tadi, sweet memory tepi pantai. Saya sangat seronok.

Btw, i guess taylor swift can make gladstone as her video music background.

Sangat sejuk ouh.

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