Sunday, May 8, 2011

nothing. just simply nothing.

weekend is supposedly to be the days which we have fun, meet people, share the happiness, going out to unwind the stress, capture the bird fly, say hi to morning glory, have a ride with citycat, sightseeing at southbank...*kinda hyperbola and merapu dah*.

but it turned out to be, ouh malasnya nak g mana2.
i spent my 2 days of weekend doing nothing. just simply nothing.
well, the previous entry which showed me sang a happy mother's day song for my mum was the precious moment in my life. the only good thing that i did during my weekend. yeah, that's it.

and for the rest of the days, i watched family guy, ate chocolates, mee, hotdogs, scrambled eggs, chocs again, listened to judas, watched family guy again. and again. and again.

mungkin sebab kurang makan and i turned out to be so lethargic. is that the word? describing i have no energy in doing something that requires lots of energy. maybe, the other reason is, the washing machine. it got stucked at the last 20 minutes. dayum. an hour for laundry? i pressed the off button and restart the machine. just for spin. 20 minutes later, wadde? still wet? i pressed the spin button. then, i re-started for rinse and spin and again, after the machine beeped a sound for me to picked up my laundry, wet. yes, wet.

jemur je lah baju neh.

request2 yg ditolak:
1. friday night at southbank for some entertainment. well, on weekend, lots of people there. *tapi malas pulak nak jalan*
2. saturday morning at the library for the library assignment. *still have no topic*
3. coles *no goods to buy, btw, jimat duit*

tapi pagi tadi, i went to the aqiqah event organized by some seniors who lived here in brisbane. some of them work here and some of them study for PhD or master or whatever.

*ouh, xde la nothing sgt weekend neh, just feel so lethargic*
and yes, maybe sbb tidur tak switch on the fan. energy tarak.

see ya.

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