Monday, June 27, 2011

akulah dutanya

even though we ran a little late from the schedule but it ended in a good way.

well, i must say, today trip was awesome man!
we went to Harbour Town with the Wollongong friends. i started my adventure looking for winter collection, winter jackets, but it turned out to be like "choose and choose and choose and pay".
i picked some new styles of shirts, shorts, and undergears.

when safely arrived at home, i had fourteen new friends from sydney, and new south wales. they are ilham's friends. cool huh. after i had my shower, i tried my new clothes and try to mix and match for the upcoming events and days. well, awesome sangat-lah.

i keep all the cotton on cards every time i bought their pieces. and now, there are more than 10 cards pasted on my wall. my closet is now full of cotton on. yes, they talked behind my back, akulah dutanya.

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