Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fete de la musique, mission accomplished.

as i mentioned earlier, today i am going to the fete de la musique. with all my notes for revisions and i did it. but, earlier that night, i finished all my revision on physics. and again i did it. thats me. i did something to get something. both equally good then. satisfying myself is not easy but i did it well.

i wished i can start my tour around 7 in the morning but due to tiredness yang melampau because yeah, i stayed up till late at night, i mean sampai ke pagi buta, so, i started the fete de la musique around 9.30 in the morning. sometimes i feel like every steps that i take produces rhythm. what a life. i grinned.

picture of the day: i never expect him turun daripada box tu and let me stand there and we tabik together to camera. hmm. *perfect day*


  1. Mamat tu sangat menarik! Haritu kat City aku ada record, waktu budak budak ni nak letak coins dalam tin dia, terus he came to life. Menarik!