Sunday, June 19, 2011


when im alone walking to the university for class or group discussion or practical or tute or whatever, i filled my steps with rythm. not avril's punk rock melody, not paramore's tune, not we the king's guitar playing, not neon trees's animal. i filled it with my own song. yeah, i composed songs. almost everytime when i walked to university. when i have nothing to do during that time, other than be aware of the traffic, the "transformers" that passed by, the cyclists that had some characteristics, the constructions along the way, the brown leaves of maple tree that fell off due to late-season of autumn, yeah, i composed songs.

ouh by the way, this is not a new thing to me, i did it since..i couldnt remember when but it happened long time ago. maybe form 2. dunno.

this song is really catchy. i watched lemonade mouth just now, around 3 in the morning and i am so in love with this song. really wow. there are some other songs that grab my attention in that movie but this one is the debut of lemonade mouth.

and it;s kinda funny. i sang almost everytime during my childhood. until i turned 12. i have a one meter trophy for singing competition. i participated in many singing competition during school. and most of the time i got first place. very very funny. i led the nasyid performance for maulidur rasul and sang for the club party. wooo, reminisce the past.

but now, here i am and this is what i am.

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