Monday, June 20, 2011

fete de la musique

esok World Music day. i never know about this. seriously. haha. and various kind of artists will play their songs tomorrow starting from 7 am till late at night. i think living in brisbane, i am being exposed to the world like secara ganas sekali. that's why people say culture shock. so, maybe this is the cultures that shock me. bzzz. ouch.

so, by the way, two more papers are coming. this friday and saturday. i must not forget that. really really important. thats my future. World Music Day is just another distraction for me other than facebook, twitter, youtube, yesterday Home Festival, Brisbane Winter Festival and etc. so many distractions. kalau dulu duduk kat Micet tu, duk terperap je dalam bilik or maybe running to the third floor hanging out there, sleeping there, watching movies there, or playing with the kittens there. or pergi kedai pak ya beli air neslo. blurgh. that were my routines when i stayed in Micet. but lucky for the students who stayed out of the campus especially kat a'famosa tu. i heard that they are wild. i can imagine that. seriously. ouh now i think, they are not the lucky one, i am. lived on-campus menjaga my maruah diri.

and back to the topic, well maybe i'l just walk around the brisbane city like i always did and bring along my notes for revisions.

hello fete de la musique,
au revoir peeps.

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