Friday, June 17, 2011

he is gone, another friend of mine.

dan pada hari Jumaat ini, dia pergi menemui Ilahi. ya Allah, kau rahmatilah rohnya. semoga afiq aiman @ ali ditempatkan di kalangan orang orang yang beriman di dalam syurga. amin.
buat keluarga, salam takziah.

being friend for about four months and taught me how to draw anime, and Allah loved u more, Farah Abdul Ghaffar, i miss you. may you rest in peace. it's hard to believe, the way you died. i couldn't accept it. till now. accident with lori balak and your body was found underneath the timber.

we were in the same class for a year during standard six. kau seorang yang nakal nakal. and then, i knew your sister. your family. we are friends. walaupun kau nakal nakal, tapi kau baik. Khalis Zulkifli, semoga roh kau sentiasa dicucuri rahmat. kenapa kau tak tunggu je roomate kau balik bukak pintu? kenapa kau nak masuk bilik ikut tingkap? yes i know ini takdir. but, i was shocked when i knew you fell off from the third floor.

syazwan ashraf, your class was next to my class. im not a close friend of yours. but, we are friends. i dont really know the cause of your kidney failure and all that. tiba2 koma while having marathon. semoga roh anda ditempatkan di kalangan orang orang yang beriman.

fazrul ezry mohd faudzi, abang, i miss you, a lot. you spent most of your time in boarding school, sekolah sains muzaffar shah, from form 1 to form 5, went to matriks londang, melaka and continued your study kat MFI. somehow, i dont know why i couldnt remember the time we spent together. maybe sebab abang jarang balik rumah kecuali masa cuti panjang. but, it's ok. you are still my abang. one of the fazrul dah takde. it is supposed to be 3 fazruls and 3 sisters but now, only two left. i was in form 1 when that thing happened and you were 20. people said, news said, abang jatuh daripada gunung nuang tu. had a difficulties in breathing because abang baru je sihat drpd demam. you and some other friends stucked in there waiting for help. i still remember the phone call during that morning.

semoga Allah menempatkan roh abang di kalangan orang orang yang beriman di dalam syurga.

im turning twenty this october, can i make it?

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