Saturday, June 18, 2011

home festival

hari ni ada home festival...approximately lagi 12 jam.
yeah, im kinda bored at home. having difficulties to be in front of the book revising for the next coming papers. and i ended up with watching movies all day long. until now, i have watched 14 movies of detective conan, *movies yeah, not the mini episode* (starting from the study week), source code, limitless, beyond the blackboard, bad santa, definitely maybe, nanny mcphee returns and the big bang, speed, sex and the city 2, the lizzie mcguire movie and yeah thats it.
okay, if i make it in a number point, it will look like this:
1 detective conan skycrapper on a timer
2 detective conan the fourteenth target
3 detective conan the last wizard of the century
4 detective conan captured in her eyes
5 detective conan countdown to heaven
6 detective conan the phantom of the baker street
7 detective conan crossroad in the ancient capital
8 detective conan magician of the silver sky
9 detective conan strategy above the depths
10 detective conan the private eyes' requiem
11 detective conan jolly roger in deep azure
12 detective conan full score of fear
13 detective conan the raven chaser
14 detective conan the lost ship in the sky
15 source code
16 limitless
17beyond the blackboard
18 bad santa
19 definitely maybe
20 nanny mcphee returns and the big bang
21 speed
21 sex and the city 2
22 the lizzie mcguire movie

a lot? yes, alot.
so, i decide to do something else rather than covered in a blanket on my bed watching movies by going to the Home Festival. kinda new festival for me. i love brisbane. so many festivals that messed up my calendar. *even though i never had a calendar*

so, au revoir people. hope to see you there. there will be a lot of bands playing songs there. and i dont know any of them. yeah, lets feel like home, like they said.

*tapi esok diorang kata nak g IKEA*

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