Monday, June 13, 2011

pergolakan emosi

these are few movies that i really think ''must watch movies''

secret life of bees, sangat menarik. somehow, i do fell in love with the story which has family issue, conflict within the family itself, and all related to family. this story is mainly about racism, and how a white girl survived within a black family. because she had to. and she loved to. being away from her father who didnt really care about her. i almost cried watched this movie.

my sister's keeper, a story of how a girl with leukemia had to go on with her life, with her sister's organ being donated from time to time to keep her survive. but, a conflict from her sister towards her mother bring the issue to the court. at last, the secret is revealed. this is a request by the leukemia girl herself, choosing her life, doesnt want her sister to used by their mother for the organ-donating thing. i cried a little.

marley and me, i almost forgot the storyline. but i'll try to explain it using my lost memory. about how this husband and wife having a dog from the beginning, having problem with that dog's attitude. having problem with works and until they had beautiful son and daughter. they had difficulties trying to make all the situations under control and together with the dog's attitude. lastly, the dog disappeared, knowing that it is time for 'him' to go. he's sick. i am so touched when the dog is going to die. a really great movie.

beyond the blackboard, another story that revolves around us. a story about a teacher in a homeless shelter. a school with no name. being a teacher for 1 to 6 grade. she tried to change the kids' perspective towards school and not to forget the parents. she managed to survived in this shelter school. and this is based on a true story. a really great movie to watch.

just so you know, i like these movies. all about family issues, children's problems, and i loved that, which i can take the valuable values from their hard life.

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  1. Watch Hachiko. It's a good one. :)