Thursday, June 2, 2011

perusal time

entri serius:

hi guys, the final exam is just around the corner, and the revision session doesnt seem working at all. all my precious time was filled with assignment completion, and another assignment and tonnes of assignment.
but, yesterday i did the lectopia for mathematics and i think it was helpful even though it was just the first time of studying and at the same time, it was like a revision to me. yeah, killed two birds with one stone.

yesterday was a trial for me to study and at the same time completing my assignment. but, the plans were unsuccessful. i need to avoid all the distraction that can distract me like facebook, which i manage to put it aside, tumblr, just when i have new pictures, movies, became the major distraction recently, and etc.

and yes, i need to be more serious in my study. no more playtime. this is the final. and i need to pass it with flying colors. i need high distinction. i want 7. i want my parents to be happy with me. i want the bless from Allah.

hope everything is gonna be fine, not just plainly fine, but a super excellent fine.

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