Thursday, June 16, 2011

red moon, blood moon

sepatutnya entri ni before 'depression'.

and still, in the mood of 'you know what', i write this.
pagi pagi terjaga terus keluar rumah dalam kesejukan 8 degree celcius. demi ciptaan Allah yang jarang jarang sekali berlaku ni. i love astronomy. dan pagi itu, walaupun 10 minit cari bulan merah berdarah tu, akhirnya jumpa jugak. even it was partially covered by clouds. but subhanallah.

when i was in form 1, i made a book about astronomy. i cut and paste all the article in the newspapers about the moon, sun, asteroids, pluto, new planet, orbit and stars. i just love them. and one of my ambitions is being an astronomer.

ini kisah red moon,
During a lunar eclipse, the Moon passes behind the Earth’s shadow, which darkens it. If you could take a look at the Earth from inside its shadow, you would see that the atmosphere around the edge of the entire planet glows red. this is because large amounts of atmosphere will scatter away the blue/green light and let the red light go straight through. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon passes fully into the shadow of the Earth and it’s no longer being illuminated by the Sun; however, this red light passing through the Earth’s atmosphere does reach the Moon, and shines on it.

researchers said, pagi tadi sepatutnya bulan akan sangat sangat merah sebab kesan daripada asap volcano kat Chile. so, the next red moon will be on 2141.

i am glad, happy, dan bersyukur because i had the chance to see it.
dear sons and daughters,
papa saw the red moon.

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