Sunday, June 19, 2011

selamat hari ayah

there will be no video in this entry. just some wishes and maybe quotes for my beloved ayah Mohd Faudzi bin Ahmad.

ok, lets get started.
ayah, yes, you are my ayah.
  • you are the one who killed the mosquitoes for me when i was a baby.
  • you were there when we were together had a motorbike accident while you tried to avoid that kid.
  • you asked for help when there was flood on my way to school.
  • a snake fell onto you from that tree when you tried to ask someone to give me a ride to sekolah agama.
  • you always wait for me till i get into that pakcik's car before i went to sekolah agama.
  • you and mum cleaned the mosque's mat when i accidentally pissed on that mat during solat tarawih.
  • you rushed went home when teacher's brought me back home when i fell and my chin hit the floor, dang, and my mouth was full of blood.
  • you backed me up when my friends and i broke all the windows at the library.
  • you were there when i received every awards during my primary school.
  • you took care of me when i had "apple bonyok"
  • you always remind me to perform solat every time.
  • you always remind me to practice what i learnt
  • you said it's okay not to be home-sick to stay focus on study
  • you brought me to indonesia, china, sabah.
  • you were by my side with mum when i had a very hot fever and when the hospital's bed was shaken when i shivered.
  • you take a good care of the family
  • you care about me

thank you, ayah.
love you, selamat hari ayah.

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