Wednesday, June 22, 2011

hana tajima simpson

i thought hana tajima is just someone who introduced hana tajima shawl style but she is fashion designer. hebat.

next, is for all muslimah out there. there is no relation between those sentences up there and the next one. chill yaw.

when i think, think and think, and think again, something came up in my mind. they (muslimah) try so hard to cover their hair with hijab but there are so many other places/spots that they are not covered yet. yahh, i wonder is that really a change from a girl who doesnt wear a hijab to a girl wearing a hijab, or a girl who is wearing hijab since a little kid but they are still wearing short-sleeved shirts, an x-ray skirts (i lost the word for "tembus"), and all that stuffs that can expose their awrah. is that really a change.

is that really a change? cover your hair, great. but don't you think there are other parts that you should cover too.

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