Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ahlan wa sahlan ramadhan

1 ramadhan, expected on 1 august which is only few days away. sometimes, i said to myself, living in australia, living in overseas do have challenges especially mentally.

living in a country which Islam is not a major religion for the residences is definitely some kind of new thing for me. many islamic events are not being advertised in a large-scale due to yeah, australia comprises of many other major religion. so, i ended up not being aware of some islamic events like maulidur rasul and nisfu syaaban.

i noticed nisfu syaaban was few days away when i checked on my facebook, a friend updated his status about letting friends know the nisfu syaaban is coming. but then, i totally forgot till the night of nisfu syaaban at Sydney. at that time, i was having fun, spending my winter holiday at sydney. there were fireworks at that night. in order to get a great view i ran to Sydney Opera House from Circular Quay. ran and ran. and enjoyed the fireworks. when the fireworks display finished, there was a full yellow-orange-ish moon in the dark sky. i had a strange feeling. why lah? then, i remembered, ini malam nisfu syaaban. telling my other friends.

so, this ramadhan, i want to welcome this ramadhan properly into my life.
so, lets get prepared, peeps!

ramadhan kan dah dekat!!

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