Sunday, July 10, 2011


jika mereka mahu gulingkan kerajaan, jika mereka kata UNDUR NAJIB, UNDUR BN, kenapa tak tunggu pilihanraya, pilih betul betul apa yang anda mahukan? kenapa perlu buat traffic tengah jalan?

it is easy for you to join and say it out loud, but, malaysia is a democratic country, we have election. so, vote for your leader and even if you wish to spread to others about your belief, make a peaceful event like gathering and spread what you believe in. just like how Muhammad spreads Islam. peacefully.

these past few weeks, i dont even know the aims of BERSIH 2.0. is it for a clean election or to destroy BN and government or to say to the camera, fuck Najib.

to the future leader, you might wanna know apa yang pengikut pengikut anda lakukan just before the election. jangan nanti bila anda dah jadi leader, pengikut pengikut anda cuba manipulate anda. guling anda.

**i am proud to join an election long time ago. the clean one.

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