Tuesday, August 2, 2011

alkisah 2 ramadhan

surau di UQ tiada iftar.

jadi, keputusan diambil untuk sembahyang tarawikh di masjid sekitar Brisbane. hari ini, bagi menyempurnakan 2 ramadhan yang mulia ini, i went to Darul Uloomlocated at Buranda about 30minutes from my home. i arrived there around 5.15pm just approximately 5 minutes before iftar. there was no big iftar, only tamar and veges tempura and drinks. but, it's okay. it's good enough for early iftar. after maghrib prayer, i was looking for nearby halal restaurant and i asked this one man.

he asked me and my friend to join him, went to that restaurant and having our proper iftar. what a kind man. we talked a lot, but mostly, i spent the time mengunyah ngunyah nasi dan ayam lebanese restaurant itu. bukhari and him, talked a lot. quite cheap for nasi yang banyak and ayam yang agak besar walaupun just quarter chicken. only 8 dollar. *mahal giler kalau tukar jadi duit malaysia, tapi apakan daya, standard price dah ni*. hassan, the guy i mentioned earlier, belanja shish kebab.

he is a bangladesh. work here in australia for 4 years now.
his story: his father sponsored his study for Master in University of Sydney for about 8000 dollar per semester. he is now a civil engineer. he worked for three jobs during holiday to get some money to be independent. he didnt want his father keep giving him money. he wanted to earn it by himself. and now, he had covered the study fees and even giving his father some money.
he said, for now, we should focus on study, fun later. the important thing is this degree. if we did great in degree, master and phd will be easy for us. this degree/bachelor is like the pillar of the knowledge.

before he dropped us off at buranda mosque, he told us, it is good to have a competition, a healthy competition between friends in study, in life. he came to australia with another three friends and they always had a healthy competition. and now, everyone had a great life.

taraweeh at buranda mosque, awesome.

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